Most Commonly Tree Services 

Trees are very desirable in adding lush to your property. Its majesty shade can give cool temperature and a good place to hang out with. However, in time of changes in shape and needs care, Rome tree services can deal with different tree care solutions. An arborist can suggest different tree services to prevent trees from posing problems. There are different required tree services depending on different circumstances and situations. Here are the common tree services that arborists can actually recommend for you 

Tree Services

  • Tree Removal 

It is needed in cases when the tree is in its potential to cause damages and danger to the owner or neighbors. There is also a possibility that it branches out to electric wires or it is too close to other properties that may create damage in times of strong storm. However, it is not allowed by law. Protection of trees makes it hard to take down trees for you will be penalized by law. But, if a tree cause potential dangers, a professional arborist can assist and help you in acquiring a permit. 

  • Tree Surgery 

A tree that is suffering from great damage or diseases can still survive. With the help of arborists, your tree can be rescued from permanent damage. Trees can be infected by different fungal infection, pest infestation, and other diseases. Once a tree surgery is performed, removal of dead branches, treatment or removal of trunk’s parts, and pest infestation can be prevented. 

  • Land Clearing 

This is usually the service provided by a certified arborist. It has to do with the removal of trees in an area for the purpose of construction or conversion of land to use for farming or cattle raising. 

  • Emergency Tree Storm Services 

Sometimes, an emergency arises due to trees. This can fall down in highway and may cause traffic obstruction, or even power outage to electrical lines. These situations are a call for urgent action and it is important because of it usually in 24 hours of emergency services.  

  • Tree Pruning and Trimming Services 
  • Auxiliary Services 

Aside from the other services, an arborist can also suggest secondary services related to tree removal and tree surgery. These services include stump grinding that involves removal of tree stumps left from the tree fall-outs. Also, mulching and composting is considered as secondary services using byproducts of stump grinding.  

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