Things That Don’t Need to Do Pressure Washing 

We know you’ve been watching videos of people pressure washing different things online. It’s so satisfying that you want to try it on your own and test every item imaginable. Hold your nozzles, don’t be persuade immediately! If you will not be careful, a pressure washer machine can harm you rather than help you. 

Sure, pressure washing is a gratifying task to tackle at home, but the truth is, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can lead to costly damages. You can visit us here to know more information about pressure washing. Knowledge is the key here, and that includes acknowledging objects that aren’t good for pressure washing. All of them are so common we tend to forget such warning.  

 Pressure Washer

Wood Siding

To pressure wash the wood siding may be possible, but we are trying to avoid a high chance of water going up and then under the outer surface due to high pressure. Due to that, water can dent aluminum and vinyl siding. It can also damage electrical wiring, insulation; worse, it can promote mold growth (and this is disgusting and unsanitary). Even good wood can be soft and damaged by a pressure wash

Electrical Panels, Meters, and Outdoor lighting fixtures

Though housing electricity on the outer part of the house can withstand a rainstorm, you should not use pressure washer. It can force water into cracks and crevices, causing it to damage. Repairs for these fixtures are costly. To avoid breaking the bank, hold your nozzle away from electrical panels, meters, and outdoor lighting fixtures 


This is similar to electrical panels and meters. Using really high pressure to clean your vehicle (most especially under the hood) will make water enter into cracks and holes and cause serious damage. Plus, it can cause dents and can even chip the paint, making it vulnerable to rust.

Living Things 

Never use pressure washing machine on humans, pets, and plants. Sometimes people will think that placing their thumb over the end of a garden hose can have the same effect as using a pressure washer. This is not true. A garden hose will not have the same power as that of a pressure washer. A pressure washer has 80 times the force of a garden hose. Hence, making this tool efficient yet dangerous. It is forceful enough to cut through human skin!

If you are going to do pressure washing, make sure you wear the appropriate gear to protect yourself always. You can check online the different types of gear when doing pressure washing.


Have you ever seen the Pyramid of the Louvre getting pressure washed, I think not. I think we will never see it in this lifetime. So this clearly means, glasses are not mean to be pressure washed. The high pressure can break them, causing you a major headache (and expense) to replace.

Pressure washing can be a joyful task in your annual spring or summer cleaning to maintain the house itself, help the health of your family, and better your property all around. As a homeowner, knowledge is the key to make this process fun and safe. Now you know the objects that shouldn’t be subjected to pressure washing.